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Meet our Staff

  • Cindy Law

    Gym Manager/Instructor -Cindy has been performing since 2010 in most apparatuses offered at Turners. With a cheerleading and gymnastics background Cindy caught onto training and skills easier than most and has been able to secure her reputation as one of the most technically perfected instructors and teachers of aerial arts. One of our most versatile instructors, Cindy is crossed trained on many things (Ladders, Webs, Trapeze, Hammock, Aerial Silks, Lyra, Fire Eating and Stilts) and also trains younger performers on trapeze, Merry Go Round, Tumble Track and Mini-Tramp. In addition to all of this Cindy is the President of Turners. She continues to improve herself as a performer and instructor by seeking outside training and certifications, soaking in all she can about the circus arts. She is grateful to her husband, Andy Pappano and her 3 children, Ezra, Elliot and Lucia Pappano, who allow her to continue her passion for the arts, while the whole family runs away with the circus. And to the woman of Turners who continually give to the program.

  • Terri Kendall

    Cindy's right hand woman- Terri, mother and school psychologist, is a passionate aerialist and instructor who has trained in various cities with a variety of instructors in the USA for the past five years. She has performed for the past several years at theaters, clubs, bars, festivals, and churches with small circuses, bands, musicians, DJs, magicians, and burlesque troupes. Her specialties in aerial performing include aerial rope, static trapeze, lyra, Spanish web, silks, double trapeze, and pole, but she has also performed tippy lyra, aerial straps, rings, and aerial pole. In addition to instructing regularly, Terri owns XALT, a company that performs and trains aerials, educates others about emotional wellness, and inspires others to live to their mental and physical potential. She has a book on emotional wellness to be released soon.
  • Gretchen Wilkins

    Gretchen joined Louisville Turner's in 2014 as a circus arts newbie. Persistent training enabled her to perform in her first Turner's Circus in 2015 on Ladders, and she continues to train year round on Silks, Lyra, Trapeze, Ladders and Acrobatics. Gretchen is an example that circus is for everyone, and her passion for cirque fitness and the circus arts has fueled her desire to train others. Gretchen is also a mother of triplets, and her daughters and son also train regularly, have performed with her in duo acts, and also performed in their first circus in 2015 as well. Gretchen works as an Information Analyst with Bastian Software Solutions and enjoys spending time with her husband Greg and their family.
  • Jessica Marquardt

    Cindy's left hand woman - Jessica attended the University of Louisville, where she graduated with a Bachelors in both English and Psychology. She fell into the circus in 2014, and quickly felt as though she had come home. Confident, strong, and addicted, Jessica dove into her circus practice, adding new apparatuses and skills whenever possible. She has performed in several performances of various sizes, has become obsessive with running shows behind the scenes, rigging, and teaching classes. Jessica trains and performs aerial fabric, lyra, double lyra, trapeze, aerial rope, stilt walking, and fire arts. Jessica has been NECCA trained in Introduction to Aerial, as well as Level 1 silks and looks forward to increasing her repertoire.
  • Jenn Whittier

    Jenn started her active lifestyle in 2009 as a runner. After several races, in the summer of 2013, a friend introduced her to Turners. She was hooked from day one and simply couldn't keep her feet on the ground anymore. The noncompetitive atmosphere, along with the welcoming and supportive circus family, has allowed her to really grow in her aerial arts. If she is not running around with her kids or at Turner's (sometimes both at the same time), Jenn spends her days working as a massage therapist. She's also an artist and mother to two incredible circus monkeys and one loud and furry shepherd mix. Thanks to her wonderful partner, Ben, she continually strives to learn and build her aerial knowledge for herself and her students. You may still see her feet hitting the pavement, but most times you need to look up to catch a glimps of her.
  • Nikita Taylor

    NikitNikita first ignited her passion for the flow arts in 2009, when she discovered hoop dance. That discovery led her to the flow arts community, and from there to the circus arts. Her first aerial experience was lyra, but it was her introduction to pole that fueled her addiction to the flying arts. Nikita has performed on lyra, pole, partner acrobatics and as a fire spinner at events, clubs and variety shows and has been teaching pole and flexibility classes since 2014. Nikita is an ACE certified Personal Trainer, and co-founder and co-owner of Acro Alliance, a partner-acro educational collective. In her spare time, she enjoys anything to do with food, collecting vinyl, and hiking with her Weimaraner, Luger.

  • Jasmine Thunder

    Bio coming soon
  • Julia Coke

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  • Josie Chitwood

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  • Lauren DeNicola

    Lauren has been training in aerials at Turners since 2014. She began on her aerial journey after a decade of training in international dance, specifically Middle Eastern and Indian dance styles. She works primarily with silks and ladders and instructs intro to aerials. She is a sophomore English teacher in JCPS and is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology. When not teaching all of the things, she loves on her adorable toddler and occasionally sees her extremely supportive husband.
  • Lynley Elliott

    Lynley has been performing, teaching, and leading the Turners Circus over 30 years. Lynley became part of the show as an infant as the fourth born in a circus passionate family and performed and taught her whole life minus a hiatus to start a family, then returned to help initiate the transformation of the 60 yearlong 3 ring style annual show to a cirque style year round training and performance entity. Part of this transformation was introducing new apparatus such as Aerial Silks (2008) and Chandelyra (2014). She constantly challenges status quo to bring forth new ideas, acts, and concepts to keep our productions new and exciting. She continues to show her love and devotion to Turners club by residing on Turners' board for her 2nd term.

  • Jordan Traylor

    Jordan Traylor has been a member of Louisville Turners since age 7 and grew up participating in both the gymnastics team and circus. She has performed in many of the circus acts but currently coaches and participates in Lyra, Webs, Silks and Casting. Jordan is currently working on her Master's Degree in Community Health Education at UofL and has an undergraduate degree from the University of Kentucky. In her free time, Jordan's other hobbies include baking and playing with her two dogs.

  • Vicky Smith

    Vicky joined Turners Circus in 2011, performing in the Silks Act along with her daughter Jenna. She expanded her repertoire in 2012 by performing on the Aerial Ladder, Spanish Web, and Triple Trapeze. That same year, she and her husband Todd were recruited as catchers for the High Cradle Act. After that, Vicky became an instructor for Turners classes such as Mixed Apparatus, Lyra and Silks. In 2013, Vicky joined the Casting and Acro-Balancing Acts, along with Todd and Jenna and served as head coach for Acro-Balancing in the 2014 and 2015 Circus shows.

    In her spare time, Vicky enjoys weight-training and competitive running. She performs acrobatics and aerial arts at a variety of events throughout the year and also periodically with the local troupe Blue Moon Circus.

  • Jacey Standridge

    Jacey has been an active member at Turners since 2010, and is currently studying social work at Spalding University. She specializes in lyra, but has also performed on aerial silk, aerial rope, static trapeze, and triple trapeze. She began Turners Circus Camp when she was only 16, and can be found in the gym inspiring youth students to be their very best.

    Gabrielle Ebeling-Rodriguez found yoga in high school from her mother, however it wasn’t until spring of 2017 that she began her journey into becoming a certified yoga teacher. Though Gabrielle has always been involved in high impact sports such as, cross country and dance she found yoga as a way to balance her life. Yoga allowed her to slow down and reconnect to the mind, body, and spirit.

    Gabrielle attended Yogaia for her 200 RYT. The school is located in Louisville, KY and focuses on yoga philosophy as well as various forms of yoga. In addition, she is a graduated from University of Louisville in 2014 with an M.Ed of Counseling and Personnel Services in Art Therapy. Gabrielle is grateful for all the wonderful teachers in her life and excited to continue learning and growing.

  • Shannon Miller

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  • Cathy Elmore

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  • Anita Yussman

    Anita has training in aerials for since 2012. She has performed on lyra, pole, polesilks, trapeze, ladders, poi, and character/acting at numerous events, revues, and the last five Turners Circus spring productions. Anita currently teaches Intro to Aerials, Fitness and Flexibility, Pole I, and Trapeze 2 at Turners. She is also the coordinator and co-founder of Turners Clowncare, a volunteer program that brings the circus arts to local nursing facilities.

    Anita is a ten-year breast cancer survivor. She just celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary in June 2019, and she has a 16-year-old daughter.

  • Dylan Heil

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  • Heather Rezvanian

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  • Joel Martin

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  • roxanne harvey

    Roxanne has been training at Turners since 2017. She began taking classes on the advice of her therapist, and found a healthy, safe place to grow. She has lived in Louisville since 2014 and is a Communications major at UofL. Roxanne trains and performs on pole, aerial rope, aerial fabric, single ladder, and lyra. She is a proud dog mom of three beautiful pups.