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Youth Mixed App: Level 2 (6-10yrs)

This is a Mixed Apparatus Class for students ages 10 - 13 Intermediate to advanced level. We will be doing 55 Minutes of training on various aerial arts, increasing your strength, flexibility, and aerial basics on different types of equipment. In a Mixed Aerial Apparatus Class you will get the chance to train on, Silks, Static Trapeze, Lyra, Perch, and / or Spanish Webs. All of these acts build on each other while giving you the ability to cross train.

Most have permission from instructor before registering for level 2

Please no Jewelry of any type.
Please wear form fitting t-shirts, leggings to the ankle and hair pulled back away from face and off of shoulders.
Please bring water bottle.

You must provide copy of Medical Insurance Card before participation is allowed. Aerial Arts is not recommended for those with a history of back, neck, or spinal injuries. Not recommended for people who have experienced seizures, blackouts, fainting, are pregnant or have suicidal thoughts.