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Acro Bootcamp

$20 per classFrom $70 per visit with $70 Workshop passA credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service.

This workshop is to learn strength, conditioning and balancing drills. These drills, along with instruction on the fundamentals of basing and flying, will help you to become the best acrobalancer you can be.

Your instructors will be Todd Smith, Vicky Smith, Gretchen Wilkins and Cindy Law

Cost is $20 per individual or $30 if you bring a partner and register as a duo. (registering for your partner, use coupon code WORKSHOPDOUBLE to receive discount for second person.)

This workshop is intended to be the first of a series of progressive instruction for Acrobalancing.

The Acro Bootcamp will be a prerequisite for the upcoming workshops:

Solid Partnerships
Beginner partner tricks, L basing, gradas, flips, and more
Acro Mania
Group stunts and pyramids requiring more than two people
Dynamic Duos
Intermediate partner tricks, including rotations, flips, H2H, and Adagio

These additional workshops will be scheduled to take place in August, dates and times to be determined. Price breaks for attending three or more sessions will be available.

Please wear comfortable workout attire, but nothing too loose-fitting.

No dangling jewelry.

Bring water to stay hydrated. Cameras are allowed.