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CirquePole Level 1

CirquePole 1

Pre-requisites: Intro to Aerials or equivalent training.

Objectives: Students will begin learning foundational pole poses on both static and spin modes, basic climbs, and safe, controlled inversion techniques. Emphasis will be placed on active shoulder engagement, building strength and endurance, proper lines, and clean transitions. Spins are limited to options that transition easily to climbs, build momentum, or otherwise provide useful conditioning. Focus is on aerial work and combo building.

Goals: Before moving on to Cirque Pole 2, students should have a deadlifted Inverted V (straddle up) from the floor. This can either be with folded legs opening to extension, or with straight legs. Students should be able to properly execute most (some accommodation can be made for body type – not all moves are suitable for all students) of the moves on the curriculum and demonstrate fluency with combinations.