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Vicky Smith

Vicky joined Turners Circus in 2011, performing in the Silks Act along with her daughter Jenna. She expanded her repertoire in 2012 by performing on the Aerial Ladder, Spanish Web, and Triple Trapeze. That same year, she and her husband Todd were recruited as catchers for the High Cradle Act. After that, Vicky became an instructor for Turners classes such as Mixed Apparatus, Lyra and Silks. In 2013, Vicky joined the Casting and Acro-Balancing Acts, along with Todd and Jenna and served as head coach for Acro-Balancing in the 2014 and 2015 Circus shows.

In her spare time, Vicky enjoys weight-training and competitive running. She performs acrobatics and aerial arts at a variety of events throughout the year and also periodically with the local troupe Blue Moon Circus.

Vicky Smith