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Cirquetastics: Intermediate 8 & up

$120Purchase required to enroll

This class is for experienced school aged boys and girls. They will develop hand strength and confidence on bars and beam. Progress from cartwheels to walkovers,as well as developing handstand strength on the floor. What is different about our classes is the added use of our Aerial Apparatuses and Circus Arts, building strength in a fun and unique way.


  • Working on handstands with correct form
  • Cartwheel on both sides
  • Cartwheel on dominate side on the low beam
  • Working on backbends

Please no Jewelry of any type.

6 Week Session is $120 for non-members

Turner Members receives a 60% discount. (Code is on the Members only page)

Some classes may fall in a 5 week or less session. Discount code must be used to receive discount.

Enroll from beginning of session only. Late enrollment with permission only. No refund if neglect to get permission, only credit.

You must provide copy of Medical Insurance Card before participation is allowed. Aerial Arts is not recommended for those with a history of back, neck, or spinal injuries. Not recommended for people who have experienced seizures, blackouts, fainting, are pregnant or have suicidal thoughts.

Cancellation policy If you won't be able to attend, please remember to cancel.
No upcoming schedule